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As a twitch emote, used during a moment of high tension in video games (nervous moment).

Twitch emote is Pepe the Frog sweating and looking scared.
Streamer: *Fortnite, solo squads epic clutch*

Audience: "OMG what a play, that was some MonkaS shit right there."
by bobby56831 June 11, 2018
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A visual expression of the feeling you experience when you have a sense of impending doom in a tense situation.

Often spammed by a helpful but perpetually nervous twitch chat upon seeing their favourite streamer about to make a very high risk play.
Uncle Greg: Alright sonny boy this won't hurt
Little Billy: monkaS
by washedupwilly May 28, 2018
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You see a black man in the street throwing gang signs at you monkaS
Black person at gunpoint: ayy SKRT SKRT gimmie ur shit homie before I blast your ass

White person: o-ok j-just calm down monkaS
by Impathetic November 26, 2017
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v0lkie whenever he "rages"
"If you look up monkaS you see me and a photo" -v0lkie
by Rawrfog May 01, 2018
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