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As a twitch emote, used during a moment of high tension in video games (nervous moment).

Twitch emote is Pepe the Frog sweating and looking scared.
Streamer: *Fortnite, solo squads epic clutch*

Audience: "OMG what a play, that was some MonkaS shit right there."
by bobby56831 June 11, 2018
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A visual expression of the feeling you experience when you have a sense of impending doom in a tense situation.

Often spammed by a helpful but perpetually nervous twitch chat upon seeing their favourite streamer about to make a very high risk play.
Uncle Greg: Alright sonny boy this won't hurt
Little Billy: monkaS
by washedupwilly May 28, 2018
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You see a black man in the street throwing gang signs at you monkaS
Black person at gunpoint: ayy SKRT SKRT gimmie ur shit homie before I blast your ass

White person: o-ok j-just calm down monkaS
by Impathetic November 26, 2017
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When one is under an extreme pressure, especially when taking a test in middle school, playing a video game while the last one on your team, or watching someone playing as the last one alive.
Search and Destroy is so MonkaS because I'm always the last one alive.
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by Mountain Sage Bush November 06, 2018
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Monka or Monica is a women who shows extreme love and kindness for those she cherish very much. Acts like a mother but is simply retarded at times. She can be childish and an adult when it comes to it. Monica has an extraordinary body and features , especially her eyes. No one an compare to her unique personality as its all pure and lovable. Words can not describe this human being as she is an amazing person in general. Get you a Monka!
I love Monka(Monica) so much! Shes so fucking SEXY!!
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by hi........ December 06, 2018
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v0lkie whenever he "rages"
"If you look up monkaS you see me and a photo" -v0lkie
by Rawrfog May 01, 2018
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