a twitch emote that shows a worried or scared pepe.
Streamer: my internet is going down in 5 minutes. Chat: ddos? monkaS
by Imashes October 17, 2017
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Streams on twitch where you should go follow him he’s pretty cool
Monka is a cool guy
by Www.twitch.tv/Monka57 July 16, 2019
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(Pronounced mon-kah) Is an insult many use in the south of England that describes someone who is rude and annoying with idiotic tendencies.
Esmae screamed "Mikey is a monka!".
by jhgfrdewerthj January 9, 2021
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Slang for the cutest of cute lil monkey babies.
Adorable mini humans.
Hey Monka-doo, I love you.

Whatcha doin', monka-doo?
by Ashgrass April 15, 2019
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Also defined as Brian Talinga, is a species of chimp that originated in the dry-earth forests of Romania. The term "monkae" is colloquially used to oppress and dehumanize someone. Based on historical evidence, "monkae" was first used to dethrone the leader of the state of Romania, Alexandru Loan Cuza on February 22nd, 1866. The word was as attempt for the peasants of the Romanian empire to overtake the bourgeoisie, by ostracizing them into submission.
These days however the word is used as such;
Person 1: "I simply adore the coherency of the NFT and cryptocurrency market"
Person 2: "Shut up, Monkae"
by TheRealBrianTalinga December 7, 2021
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