Usually shortened to just "Pepe", Pepe the frog is a character from Matt Furie's "Boy's Club" comic series. After the advent of the feels good man meme on /b/ Pepe and its later alterations such as sad, angry, smug, et. al. Pepe became popular on websites outside of 4chan, to include places like reddit, 9gag, and other image-based media sites. Eventually, different alterations of Pepe led to trading what users would call a rare pepe, or rather a Pepe image that is not widely dispersed among different users.
Honestly, I just need a subreddit dedicated to Pepe the Frog memes. I haven't yet collected enough rare Pepe's.
by CharlieDeltaMike311 March 15, 2016
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the almighty pepe the frog is amongst us, he is the memeing of life. WAIT IS THAT A RARE PEPE I SEE?!?!?
by scrambledmemes July 5, 2015
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Pepe is Kek returning to our world via meme magic. Kek is the egyptian god of chaos who appears before light.

His sparkling eyes are a thing of beauty, and his smugness makes special snowflakes melt.
We shall continue to post pepe the frog memes until such time as Richard Spencer becomes president.
by Truth Zone January 28, 2017
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watch him rolling down the the street watch him rolling to the beat pepe the frog roiling to the street
by ghost e boi September 21, 2018
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One of the dankest memes on the Internet. Pepe first became famous in 2008, when a panel of him saying "feels good man!" went viral. In 2016 racist Trump fans started to embrace him, causing many people to believe he's a Nazi symbol.
I've been a fan of Pepe the Frog since day one. I never saw anything racist associated with him until Trump ran for President.
by Johnny Kanaka November 18, 2016
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the best frog in the world and has many similarity's to grumpy cat. His eyes and mouth change depending on his mood.
by RandomINC April 19, 2018
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look at the supremacists they are waring Pepe the frog shirts.
by yeeted yeeted November 5, 2019
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