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A movement within the British political party known as Labour. Filled with the lowest IQ individuals, antisemities and Marxists who deny the death toll of communism and think it can still work despite history proving otherwise time and time again.

For the most part it has become a cult of personality based around the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and will harass other Labour members who are not far left or supportive of communism or socialism. It will also carry out social media witch hunts on any who criticise Corbyn and the new Labour he has created.
Momentum activists claim to be for free thinking, free speech and against fascism but they blindly believe what their dear leader tells them, are blindly supportive of the EU and seek to censor anything that goes against what they believe and have on several occasions, engaged in vandalism against Tory branches.

Sadly they lack the self-awareness to see how similar they are to fascists and like the Democrats of America, they love to attempt to shut down legitimate criticisms as "racism" especially if the person being criticised on their side is a "person of color" (and yes this is the term they wish to use to label all us ethnic minorities under one label just like the leftists of America).

Momentum activists can easily be spotted. Look for pale white skin, unwashed hair, dingy clothes and uneducated slang speak or lower class uneducated accent. They are always almost white millienials or middle aged whites who claim to know the problems ethnic minorities face better than they do.
by PsudStud July 09, 2018
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The measure of the difficulty to bring a moving body to a halt.

The momentum of the body is equal to the product of the mass and the velocity of that body:

p = mv (where p and v are vectors)

Where (SI units used):
p is the momentum in Newton seconds (Ns or sec Newtons, sN)
m is the mass of the body in kilograms (kg)
v is the velocity of the body in metres per second (ms^-1)
1. A truck coming towards you at 100 ms^-1 will be hard to stop with your body because it has a lot of momentum.

2. A tenis ball thrown at you at .5 ms^-1 will be pretty easy to stop with your face because it has little momentum.
by White Razor March 25, 2007
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The product of the mass times the velocity of an object.

The word you're thinking of is "memento", which is a reminder of past events.
You: "I think I'll keep this as a momentum"

Me: "sigh"
by Kent Paul January 16, 2006
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What happens when the Flash jacks off, and then lets go, resulting in the skin to continue moving on its own.
Wonder Woman needs to be careful when the Flash has momentum going, before she slips.
by BiTextTech November 20, 2009
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Momentum - A concept; a state of mind; an aesthetic, developed by Ariyana Muesse in which a person's thoughts reflect dreams, visions, goals, ideas, or desires of that person. Momentum is a quiet longing. A person can have several different Momentums. Momentum is a concept of sorts that exists in the back of people's minds.
"One of my momentums is a New York night sky" This person is describing a vision that they fantasize about.

"My momentum is the 1920s in Paris" This person talks about how they love and desire the 20s in Paris, France.
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by Athena Goodwin January 29, 2019
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