a comment on a social website like facebook, that destroys the conversation, usually made by the original posters mother. No further comments roll in other than possibly other mom comments, burying it further down out of mind of your friends.
Discussion about the wild party you have last night with 10 replies from different friends, followed by "You still look just like your grandpa". Good bye thread... destroyed by a mom bomb
by colfaxrev February 15, 2013
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spam and forwarded email that comes from your parents
I just got a three-page mombomb that says I will die if I don't forward it to ten people.
by semiotimatic June 11, 2008
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: the act of using the phrase "Mother Fucker" in the wrong setting.
Jeff: Wow, that is one hot Mother Fucker!
Jackie: You did not just drop the "Mom Bomb" in the dentist's office.
by tbaker394 April 30, 2009
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When you post a fantastic status update on facebook only to have it commented on by your mother and all of her friends that unfortunately have added you on facebook. This typically prevents any of your friends from posting any funny comments and often leads to you being scolded or babied.
Carlos: yo, man i posted this awesome status and my notifications were through the roof, but then i looked at who it was from. I got mom-bombed man!

Greg: that sucks man, I hate getting mom-bombed so much that i blocked my mom from my facebook page
by D. Rogers February 05, 2011
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Newport-based grunge band who would be really good if only they had talent. Also lacking a good dose of humility.
"D'you wanna go to TJ's tonight? Mombomb are playing." ... "No."
by Bernard Manning March 27, 2003
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n., gigantic SUV popular with soccer moms, from "mom" + "bomb" (in the sense of the old slang term for an old worn-out automobile that might explode)
I'm sorry I was late for work, but this stupid cunt driving a mom bomb full of sprogs was doing 35 miles an hour in the passing lane.
by Dr. Bitchslap May 16, 2003
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