Talking about future events or possibilites, as if they are based in fact. No reality is required; essentially all theory not based on real historical facts.
If you hike down that steep trail you will more than likely break your neck. Thats a bunch of cold air your blowing, as nobody has ever fell on this trail and I have years of experience.
by lecharbon December 12, 2013
A cheap way of adding horsepower, though not as much as ricers say they make. Usually add 5-8 on a four pot, 10-15 for a six and 15-30 for an 8. (K&N)

People often install them because they are a much cheaper (however less effective) alternative to turbocharging or supercharging. (Can also accompany a turbo and/ or a supercharger)
That civic has a cold air intake and a fartcan

I can't afford to turbo my car so I got a cold air intake

That GTP is nice it has a supercharger stock and the owner added a cold air intake
by carguy1996 January 29, 2014
If you stand on your head and fart, the air comes out cold.
Charles: My word, William, it is absolutely sweltering today.

William: Indeed. Say old boy, why don't I stand on my head and bring the temperature down a couple of degrees with a cold air fart?

Charles: That's the ticket!
by Walter Henry VIII February 14, 2011
Positioning legs overhead with asshole out suck cold air into thy butthole then letting it sit, lastly pushing the "cold air" out into a fart sounding noise. If this is mastered you will learn how to fart on command.
It is disgusting when andrew is getting cold air
by Totally1134 August 5, 2017
A disease that’s very contagious
He: Did you hear about the air-cold that’s going around

She: No, but I think I had it last week.
by Stacy P September 1, 2021