"Hey man ask that Mexican dude for some molta."

"He can't speak English so don't say pot. Use molta instead."
by SeaPilot June 29, 2009
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Extreme form of loser. One prone to stupidity, irrationality and other forms of idiotness. Describes an extremely short person who loses arguments 99.98% of the time.
"Wow, you are a Molta. What a loser"
by Raghav Sarangi July 13, 2020
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A guy that is often very short with mediocre humor.
by ägget August 27, 2020
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Moltas means sex-god in Swedish, and anyone named Moltas shall be treated like one. Moltas is godblessed.
"Daym Moltas is fuckable as fuaq"
by Godofdictionaries December 11, 2016
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spanish for pot, marijuana, weed. trees, bud, kine bud, greens,
Donde esta la molta?
Fume molta.
by smokey mctrees January 21, 2007
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A Moltas is the best looking guy you will ever meet, Moltas is also a very sweet and thoughtful person. He might not be the smartest guy, But he is the sweetest.
by The dolphin dude November 8, 2018
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Moltas is a idiot and evrywon want to kill him.
fuck you moltas
by swhuwhhew January 23, 2017
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