V: To overprotect and indulge a person.

N: A person, especially an effeminate Man, who is pampered, sometimes called a Mary

(Derived from the name Molly, a nickname for Mary)
"Yo, stop mollycoddling the boy and let him shoot some hoops!"

"Let's not mollycoddle our students!"
by ZatoEd May 12, 2004
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Mollycoddling means to shelter and coddle kids in the same way a molly-cat coddles her kittens.

Just like "Tom" is the name for an intact male cat, "Molly" is the term for a mother cat. If you have ever seen the way a mother cat coddles her kittens, snatching them up by the scruff of the neck whenever there is any hint of danger, then you have seen 'mollycoddling' in action.
1) Hey! You're coddling those kids like a molly! Stop mollycoddling those kids or they will grow up worthless and pathetic!

2) The propensity for modern parents to mollycoddle their children in the 21st Century will inevitably lead to adults in 30 years who do not know how to cope with the real world.
by GunnyFreedom December 22, 2015
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To gargle a penis in the back of one's throat while massaging the testicles and scrotum.
Did you hear her mollycoddle him for a good half hour? It was distracting.
by Poppycock909 August 1, 2010
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Someone who thinks they're a lot tougher than they actually are.
The mollycoddle threatened to slap you and break your jaw, you can tell he/she thinks they are tough.
by Solid Mantis November 5, 2019
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A weak guy/girl. A mollycoddle keeps on telling the world that they are strong, or that the group they're a part of is strong, to the point that most other people would be considered braggarts if they did the same thing.
The mollycoddle talks about being strong, but never tells you about backstabbing people that knew him/her, whining about not getting something he/she were sure they deserved, or the world he/she retreats and hides from when he/she considers it scary.
by Solid Mantis July 12, 2019
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A baby reptile, a mollycoddle can be either sex, male or female.
The girl wanted to be a drill sergeant when she grew up, but people knew her as a soft mollycoddle and did not comply with her orders.
by Solid Mantis June 10, 2018
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