A half-bowl of ground up marijuana mixed with pipe tobacco and inserted into the bowl of a bong. The prospective stonee will snap the bowl, pushing it down with his finger and alternating between hard and soft hitting until the everything is smoked and the ash is all sucked into the water, at which point he will clear the bong. The tobacco will give on the spins upon clearing the chamber, and hitting the weed in this manner gets you very fucked up.
Stoner 1: Holy shit bro, that fourth snap just kicked my ass, I'm not even sure if I can still walk.
Stoner 2: I know man, my head's still spinnin' from that last molar.
by Robert James Hancock July 16, 2006
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A South African term for 'drunk'.

Also the term 'dead molar' is used when someone is absolutely motherlessly drunk.
I bought a case of beer for each of us, lets go get molar.

Wow man can you remember anything from last night, you were dead molar, i can't believe you got naked and lit yourself on fire before running through the girls dorm..
by Daniel Berti August 12, 2006
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Hey Becky, look at that butt! It has such a high molarity!!
by Hobohippo February 10, 2014
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A King's College Lagos, schoolboy of the 1997 set's definition of an ass or a bottom. More accurately used to describe an ample behind of a sexy nature. Term originally coined by one Obinna Okoli.
1. Chai see that Molaaar!

2. That babe's molar is no joking matter!
by Dotun Kazeem March 11, 2008
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Due to a lack of oral hygiene ie: brushing, flossing and mouthwash
Buddy''s mouth smells like an open sewer. It's because he has a bad case of Rotten Molars!
by will bitten October 2, 2016
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Something you learn in chemistry which my cousin calls hell
I would rather eat Popeyes biscuit than learn molar concentration
by Aughbygarrison May 16, 2022
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Molar Pance is the full name for a type of pants. These pants are usually worn by skaters,Oi! kids,and punk people. These pants are called "molar" beacuse of the shape, very long and illfitting on the butt, and extremely tight on the legs.
Such as the shape of a molar tooth. Pance is used instead of pants beacuse it is a lot cooler.
"Matt is so skinny, look at those molar pance!"
"molar pance are so hot, look at dat mushy butt!"
by Meredith Perker September 11, 2007
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