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Obinna - this is a name peculiar to the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. It means Heart of the father. Its a very nice name as it's usually given to first sons who r likely to carry on after their father. Obinna's r usually nice & caring guys and the usually become wealthy as they are known to be good in business and sports.
Obinna is getting married this year. I love Obinna
by Obisco January 22, 2018
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A fucking idiot. The kind of guy to peep at girls in college while they're having a shower or playing volleyball.

This plebs a lonely wanker who masturbates all alone and has zero chances of getting a girl.
The real example of the DUFF.
Michael : Hey man i can't believe that dweeb alex recorded Mrs Porter while she was butt naked.

Oliver : Yeah bro, he's a fucking obinna
by We lit! June 24, 2017
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