-Thou have given,God!(with it, it starts!)You,ve given too us,yes a lovely thing,which is:Moi!
and a moi is given religion hurrah,more than a decade to us(to me indeed) is one that we love for ours!So moi is all,s and each,s religion.
It,s amoi believed by my cousin,that I want to check it for me.It is as much lovely as his small age!
by bad,good? August 22, 2019
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A short Asian boiiii usually into hentai and loves anime. Moises usually have cricket and weird faced teeth. His friends can range from fat to sensitive to plain dumb. A Moises has a Hispanic origin coming from Jalisco or nearby places. He likes dogs but secretly wants to eat them
β€œMoises is so Asian lmao”
by CNN March 09, 2019
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