The word boii is used when talking to your besties you can use it when talking to them or just say it for fun
Boii guess what happened yesterday or (something exiting happened) boii
by Thesnatcher50000 April 13, 2019
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An expression that is used to add emphasis on any comment that someone else made, usually one with a humorous intent or used in celebration. Used at the end of a comment.
Example 1:

David: Yo Mike you're an ugly fuck!

Ben: Boii !

Example 2:

Yvonne: OMG we have a snow day tomorrow! Boii !
by Ron Burgundy is the tits January 29, 2011
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Commonly used by chavy cunts to address their friends because 'HI' isn't aloud to be spoken of any more unless you want to get shanked
'what's up boiis'
by GetRolexed February 12, 2015
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A another word for boy.

Usually used at a end of a sentence. A phrase or something to spice up your words.
/girl1/ veronica was like "omg im not ur friend anymore" like boii i was neber yo friend
/girl2/lol u go girl
by Yorolexgirl April 20, 2017
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how a master gamer says hello to a fucktard .. almost spat out .. you are a fucktard boiy.

male n00b gamer

I3igCheese: thats 45 kills to your 1 boiy

your a haxor big cheese I'm gunna tell the admin
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
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