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The King of all things troll-ish who reigns over a land in which the people are constantly crying and everything hurts. Reichenbach's soundtrack is played on a loop in all the supermarkets, and Doomsday is played in all the local bars. In these bars you are personally waited upon by a Mark Gatiss, who will serve you your soul on a silver platter.
Fangirl 1: I can't stop crying
Fangirl 2: Moffat struck again, didn't he.
Fangirl 1+2: /Cry
by JustBeingBreezy February 24, 2012
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A single word explaining all sorrow. Coming from Steven Moffat, who has bought sadness to many BBC fandoms.
Person 1: Why are you crying?
Person 2: Because Moffat.
by v-vesps January 19, 2013
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a thing ALL whovians hate, despise, and still love.
my child was being a MOFFAT when she started crying
by the bad wolf May 15, 2013
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The writer and co-creator of BBC's Sherlock. He also writes for Doctor Who. Often referred to as Satan, Moffat is an evil genius, along with his equally praised and equally evil cohort Mark Gatiss (aka Godtiss). Contrary to popular belief, Mark Gatiss did not write the Sherlock Season 2 finale, the Reichenbach Fall. Steve Thompson did. However, The Moff does have a building jump under his belt (I am referring to Amelia and Rory Williams' "The Angels Take Manhattan").
*Sees Johnlock or humorous Reichenbach fall edit*
*shakes fist*
by cumbersass July 11, 2013
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verb: To Moffat is to fall from a high place.
"Did you hear about Sherlock Holmes?"
"Oh yeah, he was the one who moffated off of St Barts"

"Amy and Rory moffated together, how romantic."
by theoncomingdrizzle January 08, 2013
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/ˈmΙ’fΙ™t/ (moffating, to moffat, moffated, moffats etc.)

Basically trolling a fandom by ending a TV series season with a cliffhanger, an extremely frustrating ending and/or killing of a character and (optionally) then going on a hiatus for more than a year, all the while managing to make said fandom still love you.

After moffating a fandom there will be A) a lot of online sadness for the deceased character and/or B) internet (crack)theories and/or C) quite a bit of good old fashioned Internet rage against the writer of the episode. Good examples are Sherlock or Doctor Who.
Person 1: Oh my god! Did you see the ending of {insert series}? Classic moffat.
Person 2: Yes, the forums are going crazy with theories!
by Someone on the Internet July 13, 2013
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A scottish clan that originated in Dumfriesshire in the late 1100s. First known as 'movats' or 'de Movest' and then became Moffat.

Moffats were also among the first to join William Wallace, and were close allies of Robert the Bruce.
"The Moffats supplied 40 men and 40 horses in the battle of Bannockburn"

by hyver345 August 24, 2009
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