A subdivision of Chrysler. Short for Motor Parts.
Actually, it stands for:
Massively Over Powered And Respected.
by tradesman July 24, 2003
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Colloqualism for the progeny of the Chrysler Corporation, aka Mother Mopar, stereotypically of the muscle car era, sadly with a propensity to corrosion. Such undeniably vicious examples include:

413 MaxWedges, ie '62 Polara RamCharger

440 Six Packs, ie '70 RoadRunner SuperBird

340 Six Packs, ie 70 AAR 'Cuda

the mighty Elephant, ie '70 Hemi 'Cuda

the Blues Brothers' car

acronyms include:

Methodically Out Powering All Racers
Made Of Parts Already Rusting
My MoPar's racked up a bunch of pinks.
by ThreePedals December 7, 2003
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any muscle era chrysler which is chrysler dodge plymouth and desoto and the word actually is a combination of motor and parts which is what was important to the mopar fans of the time it doesnt mean more parts
by pooper February 10, 2005
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move over people are racing
I jizzed in my pants when that MOPAR flew passed me on the freeway
by dont hit me August 13, 2003
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Originally started out as the name for the performance division of Chrysler but now has come to mean any Chrysler brand including Chrysler,Dodge,Plymouth,Desoto. Comes from the combonation of the words "More Parts" as back in the muscle car era Mopar division provided aftermarket parts to the masses.
by Nobis July 29, 2003
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The slurring of "more power" with a southern accent.
My '69 charger got mo' par that y'all's mustang!
by Anonymous November 9, 2003
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Name of Chrysler's parts division (More Parts) but colloquially used by car enthusiasts as an umbrella term to include all of Chrysler's car brands (Plymouth Dodge DeSoto Chrysler Imperial Eagle Valiant Fargo Ram Jeep etc).

Other interpretations of the name include "More Power" and "Massively Over Powered And Respected".

It is important to note that Mopar (Chrysler) cars nowadays only refers to Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram family wing (Stellantis North America). It does not refer to the other two wings of Stellantis, which are PSA Groupe Automobiles (Peugeot family) and Fiat SPA. Those two wings are still considered distinct from the Chrysler wing.
Friend 1: Bro I bought a Chrysler 300 sedan and a Dodge Charger sedan.

Friend 2: Hell yeah, rep those Mopars.
by Welldavis December 7, 2021
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