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A car only the truly ghetto aspire to drive.
"Someone needs to tell that guy in the Chrysler 300 that it's not a real Bentley"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
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A car that wannabe ballers drive because it looks like a Bentley, but it's affordable because it ISN'T one. Ghetto single mothers often scrape together every last dollar they can find to pay for one so they can be as close to ballin' as possible, while they are obviously on food stamps and covered in cheap, cliched tattoos.
After this hoe bought a bunch of Good Start with her WIC checks, she walked her stank, busted, nappy ass out to her Chrysler 300 that needs a wash and detail work.
by the $cuN>| June 03, 2009
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A Bentley knockoff and every poor mexican's dream car. The Chrysler 300 is a low priced vehicle with no class usually driven by ghetto mexicans and black people who think they are "ballers." You will often see 300s with cheap plastic looking rims and a grill made to look like a Bentley's.

Person A: Hahaha look at that Chrysler 300 with those shitty rims.

Person B: Haha I know, those things are a joke. mexicans have such bad taste when it comes to cars.
by b7889 March 23, 2009
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