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One who blindly follows due to a lack of individuality.
Brian went to Coachella and didn't know any of the artists. He's such a 'Cuda.

Y'wanna play Scattergories? Y'cuda?
by Sulli013 October 15, 2017
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The 'Cuda came in 318, 340, 360, 383, 440, 426 Hemi, all available with a 6-pak intake assembly. The 'Cuda was one of the greatest muscle cars made. The Barracuda was first created in 1964 and continued to 1974. In late 1972 all the engines were had about 50hp removed (Depending on the engine, by making ports smaller, etc. ) due to emittions. The 'Cuda production was discontinued due to rising gas prices and emittions. The ultimate 'Cuda made was the 1971 426 Hemi 6-pak ( 426hp+).
I have a 1974 340 4bbl 'Cuda in my garage =) . (approx 245hp)
That 'Cuda squeeled a 150ft patch!!!
by super_limey October 04, 2005
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an adjective used to describe a person (usually with a sexula undertone). also a vagina, penis or other related body part.
your mama's a cuda, your mother's cuda was madd rank.
by avery fletcher November 17, 2006
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The perfomace variations of the 1969, 1970, and 1971 Plymouth Barracudas. Cudas came with 5 differenent V8 engine options, the,,, 440 6-pack ( engine with 3 2 barrel carbs), and the almighty Hemi. In the 1972 Model year the 383, 440, and 426 Hemi engines were retired due to new emissions standards, thus ending the line of high performance Barracudas.

Performance with the Hemi
0-60 in 5.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.41 sec. @ 104.6 mph.
The Cuda was one of the wildest muscle cars to come out of detroit.
by Vespasian August 26, 2005
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Cuda is a nice, funny, reliable, trustworthy friend. They can be a big dick head sometimes but, once you get to know them they will become your best friend or brother. They can do some of the dumbest actions just to make you smile. They are normally in a good mood smiling. These people have the most contagious smile. If you know anyone named Cuda in your life don't ever hurt them. PERIOD! They've been through a lot in their past. They shouldn't have so much negativity in their lives. If you know a Cuda, keep them in your life. They'll make you smile so much that your face would hurt.
I swear your such a Cuda for making me smile so much.
by Anapiel ( Ana pea uh) May 12, 2019
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A substance made of cannabis extract and Vodka. Began being distributed around 2010. Smells heavily of aluminum. Legal in Alaska, Colorado, California, and Nevada.
The police stopped the illegal cuda dealers.
by I’m like dawg October 03, 2017
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