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Mixxy- One who is always in the "mixx" ; Always on the scene; Super social and always around the action/drama.
Wait you know Becky too?? She's so mixxy ahah

Of course you have the scoop, you're mixxy as hell
by Dougie Fresh July 24, 2014
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when a person is involved in too muchh shiit ; when a boy or girl doesnt know what he or she wants in a relationship ; when a lot of shit pops off in one day at a specific location.
john is too mixxy because he knows everybody's business.

Raymond is a mixxy person because he talks to too much girls and he still doesn't know if he wants to be with me.

yo , school was mad mixxy today ; there wus so much drama
by Day Day 2 cute June 24, 2009
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When trying to get friend A to be in trouble with friend B by telling friend B that friend A did something that they should be offended by.
Friend A to Friend B: Yo, why didn't you give me a pen when I asked for it the first time?

Me to Friend B: Are you going to let her talk to you that way after doing her a favor?

Friend A to Me: Why you have to be so mixxy all the time ?She don't care. Right, Friend B?
by Snitchin Biotch May 14, 2010
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Gender neutral term for someone who is mint, misty, minx and sexy.
Xe is so Mixxy!
They are a mixxy babe!
I love that my partner is so mixxy!
by AmberMixxy July 09, 2018
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Gender neutral term for someone, adult or child, who is cute, eg. "Mixxy" instead of Missy.
Hi Little Mixxy
Aren't you a cute little mixxy
I'm off to see my friend, they are so mixxy!
by AmberMixxy July 09, 2018
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