Mixxy- One who is always in the "mixx" ; Always on the scene; Super social and always around the action/drama.
Wait you know Becky too?? She's so mixxy ahah

Of course you have the scoop, you're mixxy as hell
by Dougie Fresh July 25, 2014
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Gender neutral term for someone who is mint, misty, minx and sexy.
Xe is so Mixxy!
They are a mixxy babe!
I love that my partner is so mixxy!
by AmberMixxy July 9, 2018
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when a person is involved in too muchh shiit ; when a boy or girl doesnt know what he or she wants in a relationship ; when a lot of shit pops off in one day at a specific location.
john is too mixxy because he knows everybody's business.

Raymond is a mixxy person because he talks to too much girls and he still doesn't know if he wants to be with me.

yo , school was mad mixxy today ; there wus so much drama
by Day Day 2 cute June 24, 2009
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When trying to get friend A to be in trouble with friend B by telling friend B that friend A did something that they should be offended by.
Friend A to Friend B: Yo, why didn't you give me a pen when I asked for it the first time?

Me to Friend B: Are you going to let her talk to you that way after doing her a favor?

Friend A to Me: Why you have to be so mixxy all the time ?She don't care. Right, Friend B?
by Snitchin Biotch May 14, 2010
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the one & only Mixxie that everyone will always remember. Mixxie is unbelievable amazing soul you would meet, has huge heart for every souls Mixxie have meet & cross the paths, especially the pets and animals that he have so much biggest heart & will save every single one as much as he can. Mixxie is well loved by his beloved souls that loves the person he is becoming to this day. lastly, his Queen Bae is writing this for him out of love & honored enough to be his first definition of his unique name.
"is this Mixxie?!"
"I've heard so much about you!"
"I've been wanting to meet you!"
"you're that Mixxie I've been hearing so much!"
"you're such a sweetheart" - queen bae
by queen baee November 24, 2021
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mixxy is a somalian word for sus
ayo thats so mixxy bruv
by mixxyissus December 8, 2018
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Gender neutral term for someone, adult or child, who is cute, eg. "Mixxy" instead of Missy.
Hi Little Mixxy
Aren't you a cute little mixxy
I'm off to see my friend, they are so mixxy!
by AmberMixxy July 9, 2018
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