Minion kittens. When an evil being or entity gathers to them dark forces to do their evil bidding, and all they can get are kittens, they've got mittens.

Also; cats who follow their person around everywhere, as though they intend to be helpful, but really just want to sleep near them.
Sorcerer: "Go, my Mittens, and bring me the Dark Crystal of Power!"


Lady: I wanted to go get another cup of coffee, but the mittens will just follow me and meow constantly.
by calvinke January 31, 2011
A lovable nickname for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Just can't relate to the crowd tonight...poor Mittens, maybe he'll do better tomorrow.
by Slap Fappy July 26, 2012
The black and white cat from the Disney movie "Bolt".
"Mittens, so help me, I will superbark you out of that tree!" - Bolt
by BoltySuperdog October 26, 2010
A sweet babe. Beauty with flaming orange and brown colors. Fur soft as fluffy clouds. When she walks by, she melts snow. At times very sassy and rude, other than that sweet and caring.
"Is that Mittens?"
"Is she cute?"
"then yeah, its Mittens"
by Karogramms December 17, 2016
Mittens is a term used for infant mice. Like a baby goat is called a kid as a baby dog is a puppy.
MOM!!!! Can I please, PLEASE!!! get a mitten for my birthday!!! They are so cute!!!

Why of course not!!! Those animals are vile! My goodness young man! You should know better than to let some mittens into this house anyway!!

A slang term used to describe a man's testicles.
"Suck on deez Mittens!"

"Dave got kicked right in the mittens!"
by Oliofreak March 28, 2008
Old time hockey slang for hockey gloves. Used to describe old hockey equiptment, or sound old-time describing new equiptment.
Hey Martin, let's grab our lumber so we know how it feels in our new pair of mittens.
by oldtimepuck April 29, 2005