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American martial artist, action star, and Hollywood actor who is best known for playing Cordell "Cord" Walker on Walker, Texas Ranger. Also an extremely overrated icon that has no real talent save for the ability to kick a 2X4. He is an extremely closeminded Fundamentalist Christian that tried to have the bible used as mandatory reading material in public schools. His recent popularity is the result of a website created that listed exaggerated claims about Chuck Norris' strength and intellect. In reality he is a washed up loser that can be seen acting horribly on Walker, Texas Ranger or on late night excercise equipment informercials.
"Chuck Norris is a total doucheball!!"

"Who gives a shit about Chuck Norris?"

"Chuck Norris sucks dick for cab fare and then walks home."
by Oliofreak March 28, 2008

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A Mexican-Spanish word used to describe a person that lives outside the law. Usually a thief or robber that steals property. Made popular to the American public through a Frito Corn Chips advertisemnt created in 1967 which depicted a stereotypical Mexican bandito.
That Bandito took off with my horse!
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008

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A word used to describe a person that is extremly annoying or rude. This word describes someone that can also be categorized as a douchebag. They are the kind of person that is just acting like a dick for no reason whatsoever.

Also can be used to describe someone that acts better than everyone. This person feels they are higher up on the social ladder because of a fancy car or big house.
"That last customer threw his money at me like I was some kind of cheap whore, what a Doucheball!"

"Steve is such a fucking Doucheball!"
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008

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A slang term used to describe a man's testicles.
"Suck on deez Mittens!"

"Dave got kicked right in the mittens!"
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008

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