A Sorcerer is someone who is born with Magic. A Sorcerer is also considered a Mage and a Zauberer.
Most Sorcerers specialize in one or more of the following: elemental spell attacks(common choice), healing(very rare), chaos(common choice), glamors(common choice) and/or dark magic(very rare).
The sorcerer is blowing up the castle as we speak.
by lordgrim the invcbke October 12, 2020
The Sorcerer is one of the most powerful classes of magic-wielders. Like the wizard, they too use a staff as an outlet of their powers. They are best known for their lack of patience, and laziness, and the ability to solve any problem with an energy blast.
The Sorcerer lost his patience and fried his client.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
A person who uses magic, for e.g a Wizard
by McRambro April 12, 2015
(n.)A man who is a virgin and faps all the time. Many Wizards, including all of the sorcerers in the book Harry Potter,
carry a stick(wand). They point the stick(wand) to other people and shout non-sense before the stick cum and shoot green or yellow jizz out of the top.
PS: If you are married and/or have a partner, you are graduated from being a sorcerer.
B: DANG IT!! I WILL find a better girlfriend than yours when I graduate.
by JUST A MAGICIAN June 27, 2015
Spellcaster who doesn't read a spellbook. Utilizes Charisma instead of intelligence to determine strength/number of spells casted. This high charisma often makes the sorcerer think that she is superior in looks to the other PCs.
I'm a sorcerer!
That doesn't make you any less of a mage.
by Zeei November 20, 2006
Something which contains sorcery
It was a very sorcerical dragon as I sorcerised it.
by MartehW June 8, 2017