Your female teacher or other instructor personel.
Hey miss lemmie get a pencil
by peee ceee teee vee October 16, 2007
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When you fail to hit at something.
Bad dart playa - *Throws dart - and fails to hit*
Commentater - Bad dart playa is up.. and he misses.
by The Koaladude September 09, 2005
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Something you don’t do, king
Person a: Yo he just doesn’t miss
Person b: please just miss once king
by Charrid July 31, 2020
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The act of missing someone when they are overseas. You lose interest in all normal activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping, socialising and masturbating. The first week is the hardest then when the second week comes around you are completely numb to any feeling and sit by the phone waiting for your "misses" to contact you. This may happen if you are deeply in love with the person who has gone overseas.
by ihatecrybabies May 21, 2009
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When someone is in the act of doing something stupid or out of line, causing embarrassment to one's self, making regrets on the action they previously took place in. Stems from the iconic saying in Nintendo 64's franchise "Mario Party". You would usually use this word as a noun. Used in similar instances as the saying, "FML".
"I had to hit my barber with a "Miss" when she messed my edge line in the front up"

"I saw this sorotiy girl running to class and she fell and busted her ass. My friends and I laughed and yelled to her, "Miss!!"

I was chillin with my t-jones when this chick text messaged me. my t-jones looked at the message as well. it said "when you gonna let me catch some of the killah weed you got". All I could do is shake my head and think "Miss".
by Brown Album December 08, 2009
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