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Missed is often used to describe a situation when you fail to be present or when you fail to hit or strike an object. However, when the word missed is used in quotation marks, such as "missed", it refers to being totally smashed out of your mind, in a hugely small amount of time, so much so that you are asked to leave the bar immediately, even before the band plays their first song, and you therefore "missed" the band, even though you were present at one point, but oddly enough you didn`t "miss" the ground when you hit it leaving the bar.
Chuck...."Man, can you believe Mark missed that awesome band last night?"

Donna..."But I thought Mark was at the show?"

Chuck..."Well, he was, but then he "missed" it."

Donna..."Oh, now I get it."
by Chopper Charlie November 16, 2010
Becoming so extremely enraged and furious when you get rivered in poker that you throw your chair across the casino floor and then push an elderly man to the ground as you storm out.

This is the extension of the regular Lillington which only includes the chair toss.

As with the regular Lillingtion, the 'Full Lillingtion' can also be avoided by not making huge pre-flop raises with shitty hole cards and by not slow playing a good hand with a wet board.
Joe..."Man, were you at the casino last night when that bald dude went crazy and totally pulled a Lillington ?"

Brian..."Yes! I was totes run bad on the 1cent/2cent internet game so I got my mom to drop me off at the casino like 20 minutes before it happened. I can't believe he threw that chair so far and then also pushed that old man down before storming out!"

Joe..."WHAT!!! You mean I missed a Full Lillington ?? I always miss the good shit. I was stuck home because my stupid electric scooter had a dead battery. I'm so pissed right now. What's the odds that my scooter wouldn't hold a charge the one time a Full Lillington happens?!? Must be close to 37.537 to 1."
by Chopper Charlie January 10, 2013