Pronounciation: \Mir-cha\
Function: Noun
Etymology: Slavic, Romanian origin

1. A royal king from Romania "Mircea Cel Batran" 1386-1418 before Vlad Tepes (Dracula).
2. Mir derived from Slavic origin meaning "peace", and Mircea means "mercy" in American names.
3. To be of extreme attractiveness from a Romanian country. To posses an unique ability of poetic words & acts of romantic kindness. Someone seductive all the ladies dream about.

Lady 1: Who is that heroic, tall, dark handsome man??
Lady 2: That is Mircea!!
Lady 1 & 2: (sighhh)
by Lin2008 August 16, 2008
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Mircea is a a short king. Enjoys software development and skating around town. He has a cool black sidekick that rollerblades. His girlfriend is a nerd but in a cute way.
Friend: how are you, Mircea?
Mircea: I’m ok let’s go skate at the musical fountain!
Friend: nah, my legs still hurt from last week…
by Mircea2 November 25, 2021
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someone who is very likely to either date a close relative or someone eho resembles him.
A narcissist who could never love anyone that doesn’t resemble him,most likely in love with his reflection.
Person A:Hey did u see Jake’s gf?
Person B:yeah,he’s such a Mircea.
by Johnsspaghett December 22, 2019
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telling someone you will never leave them and can't imagine your life without them while having a secret relationship, then ghosting and coming back into their life all over again
Friend 1: i can't believe he did that to me, he was my best friend
Friend 2: he is doing a mircea
by chelsea404 December 11, 2022
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when you have a coworker pretending to be productive and work but instead he washes dishes while in a meeting.
He pulled a Dirty Mircea in the business review today
by cretucotetu August 31, 2021
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a very intelligent and a very good in bed person, who also has a big variety of skills and has a long dong
-How is that new guy, Mircea?
-He is a true Lucachi Mircea-Andrei
by TheLickingPug March 17, 2018
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Also known as Penintenciarul din centru. A place for depression and wrecked souls that you heard was great but it's actually a fucking shithole.
"Hey which school are you in?"
"IPLT Mircea Eliade, I love being fucked in the ass."
by calic March 30, 2022
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