Title ascribed to a person, animal or anything by design, which is less than desirable or a cause of irritation.

Often used to refer to a mood which is impacting upon another.

Originates from the mimicking of a person in a bad mood – ‘mip, mip, mip, mip’.

Can also be used to refer to food or weather.

Particularly suitable for cats and girls.
Sarah is really mippy today.

Charles has his mip on.
by omnimesis May 8, 2009
A hippy who likes metal and frequently goes to rock clubs/gigs. They often like psytrance also.

Mippies dress like hippies, often have real dreads and usually enjoy taking drugs, especially psychedelic ones. They love going to festivals like Glastonbury but also the metal festivals too.
"I went to Glastonbury last year. Shared a massive tent with a hippy, a rock chick and this really hot mippy that gave me some awesome shrooms."
by enigmacrypt April 15, 2009
A 'Mippy' is defined as a modern Hippie. A person who supports the ground level work for societal change and the improvement of our individual health as well as sustaining and positively impacting the health of our planet.
As a Mippy I strive to put only natural things in my body and either positively impact the the planet while I'm here or leave no trace behind.
by Journey To Serenity Farm January 7, 2009

Mippies were created by Moppie, an eccentric, but slightly deranged, moderator on an online auto enthusiast community. There are no known public images of mippies, but they are described as being similar to Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, but without swords. Physical attributes include human-like nipples, which are covered by a protective sac and referred to as “mipples”. A mippie can also be identified by its small patch of hair atop its head.
The mippies worked tirelessly in the shop preparing for their upcoming battle.
by Julio Perez 00accord44 June 21, 2006
A miniature hippie. Similar to Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, but without swords. Notable attributes include mipples which are human-like nipples covered by protective sacks.
That factory is so small only mippies could work in there! But we all know mippies don't work.
by Julio 00accord44 June 22, 2006
Mippi: Use this word as a substitute for ‘Oof’ and/or ‘Wowza
Kendra: Oof
Percy: Hey, I told you to say mippi instead!
by idknman July 23, 2018