Mippies were created by Moppie, an eccentric, but slightly deranged, moderator on an online auto enthusiast community. There are no known public images of mippies, but they are described as being similar to Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, but without swords. Physical attributes include human-like nipples, which are covered by a protective sac and referred to as “mipples”. A mippie can also be identified by its small patch of hair atop its head.
The mippies worked tirelessly in the shop preparing for their upcoming battle.
by Julio Perez 00accord44 June 21, 2006
Previous definition was so wrong. A Mippie is a Minature Hippie. They also have the destructive force of ten hurricanes and can masturbate in 10/1000 of a second.
by CalypsoManiac June 21, 2006
A hippie with money. Mippies are people, usually middle-aged, who prefer a Hippie lifestyle but have a lot of disposable income. They might have, but it's more likely that they just missed, the Hippie generation. The Mippies' favorite band is the Grateful Dead. Their mascot is Tom Hanks. They drive around in tricked-out 1980's (or earlier) VW Vanagons and smoke a lot of medical marijuana. Mippies turn their backyards into suburban homesteads -- raising things like chickens and goats, and think they can save the world by keeping bees.
Jim is such a Mippie. He spent the weekend roaming around the Sierra's in his Westy Synchro smoking a lot of medical marijuana.
by Merry Mippie May 17, 2014
A mippie is a modern hippie. Thats what they would consider themselves. Mippies are just another trend that seems to have started in Chicago Illinois of kids in todays society like emo and goth. Mippies tend to be considered modern hippies because of drug use, partying, and anarchist lifestyles. Music and drugs are a big part of thier society. Some mippies have past hippie tendencies, like listenng to Pink Floyd and colorful clothing.
The mippie was seen in the park smoking a joint, with a pair of headphones listening to what sounded like Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
by Comfortably Numb December 6, 2007
A miniature hippie. Similar to Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, but without swords. Notable attributes include mipples which are human-like nipples covered by protective sacks.
That factory is so small only mippies could work in there! But we all know mippies don't work.
by Julio 00accord44 June 22, 2006
Mippi: Use this word as a substitute for ‘Oof’ and/or ‘Wowza
Kendra: Oof
Percy: Hey, I told you to say mippi instead!
by idknman July 23, 2018
Title ascribed to a person, animal or anything by design, which is less than desirable or a cause of irritation.

Often used to refer to a mood which is impacting upon another.

Originates from the mimicking of a person in a bad mood – ‘mip, mip, mip, mip’.

Can also be used to refer to food or weather.

Particularly suitable for cats and girls.
Sarah is really mippy today.

Charles has his mip on.
by omnimesis May 8, 2009