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Mippi: Use this word as a substitute for ‘Oof’ and/or ‘Wowza
Kendra: Oof
Percy: Hey, I told you to say mippi instead!
by idknman July 23, 2018
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Basically similar to Julie.

He is an addictive ambrosia for all, both women and men. Sometimes emo, but always amusing. He has the most amazing hair ever. EVER. He might be hardcore? The hottest thing since ice cubes (jigga what?)Yeah he thizz. eh?

Damn! mippi yous better than the end of the world cartoon! like seriously. fucking kangaroos...what?? more like fucking mippi. (i wish...) basically you belong to julie. slut.
by stfu.andEATthebag. April 20, 2006
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