One of the best people you will ever meet. He is so kind, very sweet and protective. He is the kind of guy you could kiss every day and still say"just one more time". If you are lucky enough to have him, make sure you respect him.
by #say_la_vee November 29, 2017
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Best guy ever, very caring and you can always count on him. Has the perfect dick and is very hot. Will love you with every fiber of his being if you're lucky enough to be loved by one. Hilarious, cute, fun, sexy, and all around the best. If you are lucky enough to call an Ean yours, never let him go or you'll regret it.
Man!,I love Ean so much!!!! He's just the best!!!
by Luckybitch483 August 22, 2017
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Cool hair
Good at football
Girl 1: Dang he's fast i wish i was his boyfriend

Girl 2 : He's hot nice Ean
by Faze rught March 1, 2016
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Ean is about 5'6 130lbs and has a Dino dick. He's amazing in bed and wants to hook up with chloe Mickelson. He really loves big momma. He's a preety good qb and last for hours in bed
Ean has such a Dino d8ck
by ifuckurbitch November 29, 2015
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A type of guy who is around 5"7', 130lbs He is great with the ladies and has always got a fat wad in his wallet. He enjoys a good party and often hits on drunken girls even best friends, occasionally getting laid.

#1: He is such an Ean.

#2: Ya dude he's pretty awesome and is totally going to get laid by that girl tonight
#1: He is such an Ean.

#2: Ya dude he's pretty awesome and is totally going to get laid by that girl tonight
by Autistic_Lemur June 22, 2009
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Some lucky and toxic Asian kid that’s old enough to fuck your mom but young enough to fuck your sister
Hey dude I did your mom last and I’m going to do your sister tonight

Guy 1 Ean why you so toxic

Ean because I’m really lucky
by Getfuzzled April 8, 2019
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He is funny. He's cute in more of a personality way than a physical way. He will make you laugh so much if you're on his good side. He might also really get on your nerves if you're not because he will be capping on you so to be friends or date him you got to be on his good side or be able to take the jokes. No matter what though he is awesome and if you got him don't let him go.
Person 1: man I am about to smack that boy Ean
Person 2: man he hilarious he roasted you
Person 3 (girl): he is so cute and funny u was dying he some comedy
by Anonymous Ice Bear November 6, 2019
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