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A succinct lack of the ability on any person's part to accept responsibility for, find value in or work with any person, place, thing, thought, feeling or circumstance that is not handed to them in an exacting manner to meet their, and only their, specific whim - fancy and/or idiocracy.
All the protesters in the streets losing minds because their candidate lost a fair and lawful election were suffering from their own self imposed millennialism.
by axeman0115 November 17, 2016
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A statement by a person born beyond the mid 80s that places guilt on someone else or that fails to acknowledge personal responsibility for the outcome of an action.
Facebooker: I disagreed with my teacher n got a bad grade, next time I'll be quite.

Comment: that's such a Millennialism, but in all fairness your teacher must really suck if you don't know the difference between quiet and quite.
by Professor grandmaster G March 26, 2017
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