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The capital of Nova Scotia, the hub of the maritimes.
Halifax is home to weird hip hop artists like Sixtoo and Buck 65.
by Agent Chainsawlady July 27, 2004

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Countenance is another outdated word for someone's facial expression. This word is often found in nineteenth century novels. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone's genitals.
A: Look at Pickford's countenance. He's looking really stoned/wacked out on weed today.
B: I agree. He couldn't have a more drugged up mien. His physiognomy looked very pallid as he was dragged out of the morgue last night.
by Agent Chainsawlady September 19, 2004

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Bart's nerdy myopic best friend on "The Simpsons".
Milhouse says: I hate wearing these flood pants!
(Upon opening his bedroom door, water gushes in.)
Milhouse: "Hey my shoes are wet, but my flood pants are totally dry. Alright! Everything's coming up Milhouse!"
by Agent Chainsawlady September 25, 2004

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A very great Southern California punk band, which brought us really fast, melodic, hardcore skatepunk riddims, thus paving the way for a lot of '90s and 2000's punk bands like Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and the lot. The only difference between Descendents and current skatepunk bands is Descendents aren't sellouts!
Milo Goes to College is a great album, and so is Somery.
Cameage, M-16, Coffee Mug, I Wanna Be A Bear, I'm Not a Loser, I Don't Want to Grow Up, Everything Sucks, Clean Sheets, Shattered Milo, I'm the One, Pep Talk.
by Agent Chainsawlady October 13, 2004

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Dead Kennedys hit the stage and it's time to get lit up! Genius lyrics, guy, that's all I'm saying about one of the best bloody punk bands ever! These guys put all the brit punks to shame! They were there to tell you what time it is politically. They blew up the spot from their birth in 1978 to their break up in 1986. Twenty years later their Reagan era lyrics are still relevant in Bush Jr's time. Blow baby blow!
My favourite songs have to be:
Holiday in Cambodia
California Uber Alles
Chemical Warfare
Religious Vomit
Moral Majority
We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
by Agent Chainsawlady June 06, 2004

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Being a lazy-ass hoser, procrastinating.
Stop dogging it and get down to work!
by Agent Chainsawlady February 27, 2004

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The Liquid Monkey was a bar located at 105 Murray street. It housed many all ages punk shows in the late 1990s. Sound system was kind of crappy, and the place itself was dirty and shabby looking on the second floor. Despite all that, my Liquid Monkey memories are happy ones.
Sadly, the Liquid Monkey is now defunct. 105 Murray street is now an empty building, which is moe, very moe.
by Agent Chainsawlady February 27, 2004

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