When everything in life is serendipitously permuted, everything comes up, Milhouse.
"A wise man once told me that there are only two...maybe three Milhouses...in a lifetime!"

Philly D - "So, I got the job that I interviewed with last week, today!"

Jessie S - "I'm glad that things are going good for you."

Philly D - "That's not even the half of it! Remember, Caroline, the girl who makes gold teeth?"

Jessie S - "..."

Philly D - "She let me in her shit gun!"

Jessie S - "shit gun?"

Philly D - "Ahhh, that's call waiting. Can you hold a sec? It says publisher's clearing house."

Jessie S - "You just went on a three day Milhouse!"
by DrDingDong March 27, 2019
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