a nigga thats talented with stealing credit cards, scamming, and other nefarious internet actions.
ck the real fraudster
by fraudgod January 8, 2021
someone who commits fraudulent or illicit behavior.
Upon further investigation of the stolen accounts, we have tracked down the Fraudster as being...
by Bizzygirl October 13, 2010
A "Fraudster" is an individual that flouts the norms, stands out from the crowd and thinks outside of the box. "Fraudsters" stand for the idea of going against the tide, doing their own thing and doing their own way. It's a freedom and a belief that you can do anything and be anyone. Being a "Fraudster" is a way of life!
He's a fraudster because he's badass.
by Fraudster1 October 31, 2017
It's not cool to be uncool, but everyone wants to be cool...so we follow one large trend to know who's AWAKE????!! yet, nobody cares about being cool????? Why you be ACTING like a FRAUDSTERS?
by tooblame January 3, 2012
Born into a wealthy crime family, the Fraudster in Chief had mastered all the standard cons before he was twenty-two.
by Dr Bunnygirl February 28, 2019
Someone not too dirty but dirty enough who tries to fraudulently cash a check at a bank.
That guy was a dirtyish fraudster in my window.
by Tinaj964 November 16, 2017
A person who acts like a hipster
Treinae is such a fraudster. She just wants to be a hipster.
fake hipster wannabe
by Teddy graham227 November 27, 2013