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The action of a person that is so awkward that the general public and those around the person do not know how to react or respond; stuttering occurs during this action.
He was miking like crazy in front of those girls.
by Heps99 September 21, 2011
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A tactical strategy in which a glorious ninja sacrifices himself to clear a path for his fellow ninjas by destroying a great many explosive red dots. *Origin: N+
"Thanks for miking all of those explosive mines so that we could get the key and pass through that one door" "No prob"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
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'miking' (ger. 'miken' ) is a common demand, used to tax someone with holding the ganja-candle a little too long. The critical limit of booting the gong is reached at about five puffs. It contains an inherent reference to pass the mighty kiss of Budda to the next person, most likely the accuser. Furthermore it's considered to be disrespectful to the Jah, at most rainbow journeys.

'miking' can be used conservatively as a verb (1) or as a noun ('Mike') (2).
(1) "Jo dude, Bobby is miking it again like a junk."
(2) "Buzz, sometimes you're such a Mike"
by Lord_Cool June 29, 2011
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the act of developing a viral video in an effort to become famous enough to coin your own term while funding friends crazy get rich quick schemes
"I can't believe he's filming himself doing that! He's totally miking!"
by vall4859 December 06, 2011
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to jump into a fountain at night. possibly climbing the fountain's sculptural elements, and even falling in. swimming around in a fountain.
wow. it's really hot outside, like a heater blowing in my face.

let's go miking, that will cool us off quick. and it's so much FUN!
by electricdork August 05, 2007
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