Someone who is half human (top part) and half fish (bottom part). The human part is usually hotter than the average human (probably to compensate for the fish part). They usually say “aur naur” in reaction to almost everything.
Kyle: Cleo is a mermaid.
Stacy: How do you know?
Kyle: She said “aur naur
Stacy: Ok I don’t care tan LOONA.
by EKimLipse September 16, 2023
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A legendary sea creature having the upper torso of a gorgeous woman and, from waist down, the tail of either:

A. A whale
B. A dolphin
C. A fish
D. Any other sea creature.

Mermaid sightings have been popular throughout the centuries. Some time ago in the 1800's, a fisherman reportedly caught sight of some sort of creature in the sea, having the upper torso of a woman with long brown hair and a white tail speckled with black. Around the 1890's, two women drying seaweed on the ocean shore found a childlike female creature naked and playing along the shores. Days later, the child's body was found washed up on shore. She looked to be about four years of age, with pale skin and a developed chest, and what looked to be a salmon's tail from the waist down.

Mermaids have a very seductive nature, and almost always make love with sailors. No one knows they do this, but there is a theory that they are simply attempting to produce more of their species. When turned down on an offer of sex, though, the mermaid will be thrown into a fit of rage and slay the sailor who refused her pleasure.

See: temptress
I don't care what skeptics and scientists say. I believe mermaids exist.
by The Only Believer? October 30, 2005
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When a female looks fine on the top half yet when you get down to business her V jay jay Smells like fish...
Damn she was fine but she turned out to be a mermaid
by Peachiè October 6, 2020
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Mermaid-Slang for a girl who will let you do anything with her above the waist but goes into lockdown if you try messing with anything south of the belly button
Sharkisha-Ey that bitch is fine.

Ted-Nah man that bitch is a Mermaid. Waist down is on lockdown like she got fishy bits or something.
by Malongdiq February 8, 2014
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a young female, who portrayts herself in the image of a marmaid. not a real mermaid, with a tail, like ariel.. but with the long hair and hypster style. (high waisted jean shorts, longboards, laidback shirts)

this type of girl tends to be laid back, and doesnt care what others think.. there sense of style is high fasion, but not expensive.
This phrase is commonly used in websites such as, "tumblr."
this type of girl is not a prep nor goth, there lifestyle is a hyspter trendy type.
They live life on the edge and are very unique, they dont care much about school, and are known for skipping classes often.

Although "mermaids" tend to be a bad influence and "badass", they are also loyal and a great friend to have.
wow look at that mermaid, i love her style

"______ " dresses like a marmaid.

theres that meraid skipping again.
by mermaid4life. June 1, 2011
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A rather peculiar looking woman with striking mermaid qualities.
Renise was something of a mermaid. She had long wild hair, and was very thin and sea-like.
by Earl Annie Edna September 15, 2008
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Is a mystical creature that's human, but from the waist down, has an aquatic tail, and bigger lungs for swimming in the ocean. Mermaid being (female), and Merman being (male). They were probably mistaken for manatees in ancient times.

The word is also used nowadays to describe people that completely love the beach, also known as a beach rat.
I once knew a mermaid, she loved sex on the beach.
by Shapeshifter89 February 2, 2014
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