21 definitions by leadthrower

Anything or anyone that is prone to draw gunfire/trouble on their position.
1. Christ, this vehicle is a friggin' bullet magnet in this area.

2. Steve needs to keep his mouth shut, he is a bullet magnet.
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
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A ficticious STD used to make fun of someone or something.
My God! She is so dirty. I got herpagondasyfalez just by looking at her !
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
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1. Used in the military to actually move down the training range, or lane.

2. Used in the military to talk about a combat zone.

3. Used to suggest moving to another location.
1. Go down range and pick up all of the unexploded ordinance.

2. When I was down range, I got shot at by unfriendlies.

3. This bar is friggin ate up, let's go down range.
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
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get out, away, off as fast as you can. military term for means of being extracted from a situation.
Oh my God, she didn't look that ugly last night, too much Vodka I guess. I need to pop smoke!
by leadthrower August 24, 2006
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to stand still, no action, hold or be still, hover.
The helecopter is auto rotating.

Settle down kid, you need to auto rotate.
by leadthrower September 1, 2006
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Word used to describe a female type that you have frequent sexual encounters, or an x that keeps comming back for more.
Pete: So, we are going to the bar tonight, right?

Sucko: Negitive, the bangarang called, I'm going to smut her tonight.
by leadthrower August 29, 2006
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