21 definitions by leadthrower

get out, away, off as fast as you can. military term for means of being extracted from a situation.
Oh my God, she didn't look that ugly last night, too much Vodka I guess. I need to pop smoke!
by leadthrower August 24, 2006
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Any action that is typical of a man.
Like a boyfriend telling his girlfriend that she is fat, hoping this will motivate her her exersice and eat right. We all know this will drive them to 1 of 3 things, often times all.

1. hysterics
2. binge eating
3. strange cock

Frank: Steves girlfriend broke up with him, he went to the nude and spent $2,000, then, went to the bar and tooled an ugly chick.

Rizzo: Christ, what a friggin' man maneuver.
by leadthrower August 31, 2006
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An instrument that you would think of as being in the string family, but in reality, it is in the woodwind family. Another term for sucking cock. Playing the man organ.
Come here Steve, you tool. I am going to teach you how to play my man organ.
by leadthrower August 29, 2006
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Mike, the phoenetic alphebet word for the letter M. Mike MiKe is used to decribe the caliber of a weapon.

AK-47 - 7.62mike,mike
M-4 - 5.56 mike,mike
MK19 - 40 mike,mike
m9 - 9 mike,mike
That M113 has a 40 mike mike on the mount.
by leadthrower August 29, 2006
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military term to to describe:

1. Training area

2. Area of knowledge/expertise
1. Stay in your lane Pvt., I don't feel like getting shot today.

2. I don't know anything about gay clubs, Steve. They really are not in my lane.
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
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1. One who shoots or is a shooter, a profesional.

2. A military person, usually one in the combat arms.
Q: What did you do when you were in the Army?

A: I was a leadthrower.
by leadthrower August 30, 2006
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