A term that originated in San Francisco, Bay Area meaning The Projects. Projects="Projets"=The jets. Or any spot with high crime and drug sales.
"Blacks and Latinos were placed together everywhere/ The Barrio The JETS, the jobs, the jails, its a long tale/"
-Gangsta Flea "Latin Ghetto" from 17 Wit A Thizz
by Yay Peezy September 30, 2007
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A Swedish slang that originates from the word Jetski or Private Jet, both describing something luxurious, nice or upper echelon.
X-"Thats a nice shirt, jet on jet dude"
Y- "Thanks bruv"
by Mallarn February 22, 2017
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An individuals ineptitude within their initial intercourse with another creature or anthropoid. Furthermore, the stigma associated with the mortals presence within a large vicinity unpleasantly disrupts all other people's ability to function at a fundamental level. Often when one is caught jetting they are inconveniently standing more than two meters away from the conversation in subject whilst still chuckling at the discourse. The self diagnosed personage often attempts to join a conversation, however, despite their best efforts cannot achieve any social competence.
I can't believe them/they would have the audacity to start jetting while we were having a meaningful conversation about the current socio-political climate.
by J*** Dawes April 26, 2021
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A person who is legendary at doing almost anything. Otherwise known as a jack of all trades. When feeling sleepy a jet is usually as slow as a sloth but when playing as fast as a cheetah. Even if the person has a massive appetite.
by Superegg01 December 25, 2016
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Just Enjoy This Shit.

"I realized that at the end of the day, the time that we got, we’re stuck here and there is nothing you can really do unless you gonna check yourself out. Unless you gonna kill yourself, in the meantime just enjoy this shit. Nobody can really do shit to you. So through all the shit I been through, I always maintained the same attitude because I always felt I was right. " - Curren$y
"JETS nigga" - Curren$y
by JETlife July 21, 2010
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That’s Jet, chick in Dunkin’s made our food so fast!
by FOLESKI December 9, 2019
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