Mike is often found riding a giant Wildebeast, shooting cannon balls from his nipples and laser beams from his eyes. 99.9% of the time he is the most stunning looking man in the room. He is funny, sophisticated, and loves poon tang. He can kill you with just a look. Everyone wishes they had a friend like him. Mike can also blow your mind with his mind! Mike has the prettiest smile, a velvet touch, and a thick dick.
"holy balls my mind was Miked!"

"my vag has been sore all week because over the weekend, I got Miked so hard"
by thejunk47 February 02, 2010
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(n) Short for Mike's Hard Lemonade. an alcoholic beverage containing 5% alcohol by volume (which is more than most light beers). Mike's is not a beer it is considered a cooler. generally consumed by people who dislike the taste of beer.
beer? nah i could go for some Mike's tho.
by The Junebug March 19, 2010
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What you believe to be the average guy. But beneath this quiet boy, beyond what the eye can see, there lies a hero inside. One that if you get to know, can show you love, make you laugh, and give you a great time that no one else can do. Because make makes sure he does not become one person but is always evolving to connect to the one person he wants to share the moment with. Mike is a friend like no other, always putting himself second. Mike is only great because of the people around him, without those who make him great, he is nothing. He tries his hardest to make You happy. He gets down just like everyone else, but he always must make sure everyone around him is happy first. therefore, he makes a great party favor. A Mike will save the world.
"Mike will listen, I always know he always will".

"Hey invite mike!"
by M1ke C August 22, 2009
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The guy that is kind, and is a bit of a bad boy with tatoos and piercings. But his eyes capture your heart at every glance. He is the protective boyfriend/husband, which always reasures you that he loves you.

He is a guy that you wish loved you. When you feel the connection with Mike, it is impossible to let him go.

His kindness is true, and his laugh is contagious.

If you capture his heart, you are the luckiest girl around. Because if you want the awesome sex and realness of conversation and understanding, its a perfect match.
wow...Mike is dreamy!
Mike has the eyes of a sex god!

Mikes are so. like...puzzles

Im in love with Mike!
by TMNTChickie September 30, 2009
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The Best Leader in the world no has the heart that Mike has. If your real enough to get close to him he will put his life on the line for you. He's the most recognized, most respectable, and most feared. Feared for great reasons however, guys fear him because his greatness cannot be denied (Or they basically worship him like a GOD), Girls fear him because unlike most guys he is unreadable & unpredictable & he really just wont take shit from anyone.
Guy: Mike's here, man he aint even all that
Other Guy: We in the presence of a living legend you better respect
by Realone2nd2no1 February 14, 2017
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Mike is a great guy. I know many Mike's and most of them are very nice. I am going to marry one.

Also. The MOST common English Male Name.
by nightra February 26, 2009
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Name is often referred to as 'God of the chinese'..

and i agree.
hey its mike. what a fucking legend!!!
by afjekhf December 15, 2008
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