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The best salesman in the world. There's just no denying it.
Person 1: "I thought Oxy-Clean was useless. But Billy Mays showed me the error of my ways"
Person 2: "I know! I must've bought a gallon of Mighty Putty, all thanks to Billy Mays!"
by ChallengerApproching July 27, 2009

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The world's greatest number named after the world's greatest dessert.
"Pi is such a cool number, I bet that's why it sounds exactly like the food. That's some good food."
by Challengerapproching July 29, 2009

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An actor who used to be funny but is now just plain annoying. I knew it was a mistake to make more than one "Shrek" film.
Then: Hahaha! This guy is hilarious!
Now: What a shit movie. I can't believe Mike Myers is in it.
by ChallengerApproching July 28, 2009

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