1. A celebration of Halloween guided by any socially conservative, risk-averse, non-hard-partying approach and mentality, esp. based off of the rejection of mainstream youth culture’s emphasis on the holiday as an opportunity to party and/or to commit mischievous acts rather than one to appreciate horror as a cultural form and for young children to festively trick-or-treat.

2. A Halloween night during which one acts well-behaved.
Actually, this year I’ll be celebrating Haloween instead: no popping bottles in VIP in my bunny tail onesie or kitten ear headbands.
by 1<l10mmm October 28, 2016
The careful weaning from Halo 2 to Halo 3.
I Haloween'd from 2 to 3. Now I'm a man."
by Me Tarzan October 17, 2007
For the people who don't know how to spell Halloween correctly. Your welcome
he(text): hey its haloween . What are your plans for tonight?
she(text): I don't know maybe i should become your english teacher and teach you spellings.
by dababyjr. May 13, 2021
Instead of going out trick-or-treating, You spend halloween playing halo 3.
Hey, you going trick-or-treating?

Naw Im going to have a HALOween
by Will Pessemier October 27, 2007
You can't spell Halloween
Person 1: I'm excited for haloween
Person 2: You're a dumbass and retarded and should be ashamed.
by BurMei October 29, 2021