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i've actually seen 4 different guys:

1. the best one being the reknown Canadian actor who played wayne in Wayne's World, was on SNL and a bunch of other things, basically the funniest guy on the face of the earth

2. guy from Haloween who killed all the people, also known as Michael Myers

3. lefty "specialist" who played for the red sox in 2004-2005 and then defected to the yankees in 2006, as a yankee he recently gave up a huge go ahead 3 run homer to Big Papi David Ortiz (whose a lefty) to lose a game for the yankees

4. gay computer guy who was the star of all videos i had to watch in my computer training class in high school; this guy would give hard drive a blowjob if you asked him to, also likes to be called Michael Myers
1. mike myers is the funniest dude on the face of the earth

2. mike (michael) myers put on his jason mask and killed 652 people this weekend with a machete

3. mike myers is a shit pitcher

4. mike (michael) myers sucks computer pole
by andy40250 July 13, 2006

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kick ass closer/future ace pitcher for the Boston Red Sox; wears number 58 and has a 100 mph heater and nasty splitter - is also the best pick I ever made in a fantasy draft and is the reason why Beaner can't beat the Leprechauns for shit
Jonathan Papelbon has 15 saves in 15 oppurtunities for the Red Sox

Jonathan Papelbon can strike ur ass out with his eyes closed
by andy40250 May 25, 2006

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career underachiever who signed a 5 year/$70 million contract with the Red Sox before the 2007 season; in return for his $14 million salary, he gave the team yet another subpar underachieving season (.270 average, 11 home runs and 64 RBI). He redeemed himself a little in the playoffs (.314 average, 1 HR, 11 RBI in 14 games) but still not enough to justify that salary - also has a lingering shoulder injury that might cause his arm to fall off at any time just like Chad Pennington
If J.D. Drew, Chad Pennington and Eric Mangini (the so-called Mangenius) got into a fight in a schoolyard, both Pennington and Drew's arms would fall off, and Mangini would walk away and tell the principal, and subsequently would lose his starting quarterback and lead the J!E!T!S! JETS JETS JETS to an amazing 1-15 season and get fired not for having a bad season, but for being too paranoid about people stealing his signs.
by andy40250 November 03, 2007

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any son/daughter of a bitch who straps dynamite or other highly explosive item to themselves and proceeds to put on a jacket or other garmet on over it. the said individual then walks out into a public place or establishment and proceeds to blow themself up without regard for their own or anybody else's life; also known as a suicide bomber
too many terrorists take the trojan horse 2006 approach to killing people, instead of fighting them straight up like they should
by andy40250 October 10, 2006

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