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Miho (ミホ) is a Japanese character in Frank Miller's Sin City portrayed originally by Devon Aoki. She serves as an enforcer and defender of the Brothel Girls in Sin City's Old Town. Miho is easily offended by anti-Japanese racial slurs, such as "Jap slut."
by Kiteh Kawasaki June 10, 2018
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A very old man.
That man is so miho, he must have met Jesus in person.
Man, look at that nursing home, its full of Mihos.
by iamright123 April 26, 2017
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crazy, easily influenced girl. usually japanese. found living in coountries with extreme climtaes ie. super hot or freezing cold. if seen do not approach immediatley as she will probably approachm you first with a hyper, high pitched HI!!
omg i think they have miho's in this zoo...
by xoxo;) February 20, 2009
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This guy is a guy who gets defensive if you say he is short or bad as rugby. He can be a good friend but when he thinks he knows everything he turns into a psychiatrist. Not great with realationships and has cheated on my friend.
by Sophia greenwood October 31, 2018
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Beautiful,fragile,gentle, naive-looking girl with a sweet smile
Miho is kawaii
by Handsomedork May 21, 2018
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