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n. A blatant homosexual of small stature. Thinks Sl00t is his girlfriend, but she is simply a whore. Firm supporter of censorship. Firm supporter of anal sex.
For Boner's sake Midg, you are a fag.
by 166 April 10, 2004
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N. A person of small stature that is easily angered and will kill on command.

V. The action of knocking all the books out of a persons hand while pointing at them and laugh and in the process insulting their mother.
Midg, Midg 'im!

Haha. You got midged. Just like i midged your mom last night. *humping motion*
by The Angel Klaus May 04, 2004
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1) The nasty crust that forms on the side of a person's lips when they eat Oreos.

2) A wiener that it so small it hurts people's feelings! (A derivative of midget).
That fat chick has midg mouth! I want to punch those crusties off her dirty, greasy face!


I hit that noob right in the balls... Then I realized that he a midg and I started to cry.
by ScibWriter July 19, 2009
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