Started out as a very small and simple town with a couple homes. Mainly forest and dirt roads. Over time the roads were paved, the trees cut down and houses, complexes, stores etc., were built. There still remains some country roads to ride around on, and some woods to wander around in. Also considered a hicktown.
Lets go to the little ol' town of Middleburg!
by Brittany King June 25, 2008
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a small poor retarted town in NY. it is known for its insest and red knecks/ hicks
insest- the middleburg people like fucking there own family members. And the hicks fuck their cows
by chrisfishy January 19, 2011
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Possibly the coolest suburb of Cleveland, OH
>Woah! You're from Middleburg Heights? You have to be awesome.
>>I know, right.
by hannimated March 8, 2011
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Packin a fat dip and instead of using a mudjug ya spit it in yer second cousins peepee hole and then copulate with her
YeeeeeeeeeeYEE Cleatus I done gave Betsy a good ol' Middleburg special last night down yonder in the barn yessir I did.
by ZockoBingbong February 6, 2018
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A southern suburb of Washington, DC that is located in the rolling hills of northern Virginia. This community of "trust fund babies" and selfish, shallow "richers" will not allow economic growth or an actual working "blue collar" sect of people into it's town. Populated by rich coke heads that have old English style names such as "Chadwick Dunston Elffson Watley III", Middleburg is known for it's anti-gun, anti-religion, pro-abortion liberalism as well as it's talent to look down upon actual working people, because of all the "Old Money" floating around. "Fox Hunting", "Steeple Chase" as well as other wealthy English sports are the main attraction in this shallow place to live. If you don't have money, and your ancestors weren't Protestants from the Mayflower, don't bother going near this town. They'll chase you out with their Land-Rovers, Mercedes, and Cadillac Escalades.
If you're poor, don't bother visiting Middleburg, Virginia.
by Johnny Hates NOVA August 5, 2005
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A school full of yeehaw ass bitches and racist trump loving people. The black male students are all wanna be thugs and the white students use the n-word like it’s water. The teachers are lame asf and dress code over dumb shit and the guys are low key gay asf. Inside of the school is very nice besides the bat infestation that happened a few months ago. Welcome to Middleburg brothers and sisters since all of y’all like to fuckur family members. 💀
I heard a girl at Middleburg Highschool had chlamydia .
by Middleburg Highschool June 4, 2019
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This is a situation that is created when one person defecates a toilet, and chooses NOT to flush. A second and/or third person then uses the SAME toilet to perform THEIR business. The toilet remains un-flushed.

A final party, (house, condo, or apt. owner), then "stumbles" upon the creation, and usually gets VERY ANGRY.

This "stacking" of feces resembles that of flapjacks at breakfast.

Middleburg Heights is defined as the first location where a Flapjack of this sort was created.

Angry at his girlfriend, Dustin convinced his friends Brian and Chad to help him create a Middleburg Flapjack in her downstairs toilet.
by Kelly, Brian March 24, 2008
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