At least 3 people on urban dictionary can't spell worth catshit. How do you fucks thing that " insest " is right? Jesus christ.
by Dr. Saynt March 23, 2009
when 2 or more people that are closly related have a sex or sexual acts.
In this incest video, ther are two sisters making out
by what? huh? June 20, 2003
When people in the same family fuck or have some kind of sexual contact...

((sex-head-eatin out-fingered-kissing-beatin meat))
by Annonymous February 21, 2005
I just saw a bee fuck two of her brothers. That's insest.
by Pandastic August 8, 2016
Two insectoids fucking.
Their insectoid offspring will have six heads and six legs from the insest.
by Solid Mantis July 7, 2018
When two insectoid family members are fucking. Cousinfucking insectoids, aunt and unclefucking insectoids, brother and sisterfucking insectoids, mother and fatherfucking insectoids.
They are some invertebrate insest committing brotherfuckers. Six legged freaks is what they are.
by Solid Mantis July 7, 2018
Jack wants to be insest with his dog whilst a NIGGER fucks his sisters
by Insest jack April 13, 2019