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Verb. A way to kill dogs, This includes: Shooting, Electrocuting, Hanging, and Drowning. Society frowns upon these ways of executing dogs.
"Did you see Johnny last night? He took a belt and strangled that pit bull of his. I've never seen anyone Michael Vick a dog the way he did."
by Manwich01 September 02, 2007
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The worst decision the Atlanta Falcons ever made, both in trading up for him as well as paying him more than what he will ever be worth. An exciting player and great athlete, but a poor quarterback that will never win a Super Bowl for the Dirty Birds. Only now are the 'experts' and analysts beginning to realize he can't play and that the Falcons wouldn't have tanked in the last half of the past 3 seasons if they had started Schaub or Dunn or one of their linebackers instead of Vick. He usually has 2 solid passing games before he starts his annual choke mid way through the season. Vick sucks up the Falcons' salary cap and gets too much attention from the media simply because he can run for more yards than an average running back. He also throws for fewer touchdowns than an average running back.
Michael Vick ran for 174 yards yesterday.. but only threw for 84!

Atlanta is where receivers go to die.

Michael Vick is a coach killer!

by Ryan S McNamara December 03, 2006
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Yet another in a long line of ghetto-fabulous idiots that managed to piss a away a career by acting like a thug. His uninspiring selfishness has led him to be considered a "running" quarterback when in fact he is probably closer to a running back that will only pass if threatened. Most of his fans love him for his nappy cornrowed hair and ability to spread herpes farther than any of his passes ever made it. However, things are looking up as he has found Jebus and now is in the good company of other degraded black athletes such as Rae Carruth and OJ.
"Hey, did you hear that Michael Vick was suspended by the NFL and he lost his multi-million dollar contract with Nike?

"Tough break, nigga, there's always Fruit Loops"

**sound of Vick's private plane heading to Canada for his debut on the Toronto Argonauts. Or the Edmonton Eskimos. Or whoever.**
by SenorMusk August 28, 2007
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Also see: Ron Mexico

A "quarterback" in the NFL. A flaming case of Herpes Simplex appears to make him run on every down and makes him very antsy in the pocket.
Michael Vick throws another interception then runs to the locker room for some Gold Bond.
by whodi July 13, 2005
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(v.) The act of killing or mistreating animals, mostly dogs
My poodle Fluffy ate my best paperwork last night; I was so pissed so I pulled Michael Vick on Fluffy.
by HateMainstreamMusic July 10, 2008
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aka Mike Vick, aka Ron Mexico

1st Overall Pick in the 2001 NFL Draft,
exorbitantly overpaid. Has never thrown for 3,000 yards in a season. Has never thrown for more than 16 touchdowns in a season.

Signed a 10-year, $130M contract with the Atlanta Falcons in December 2004, with an NFL record $37M in guaranteed bonuses.

Regarded as one of the worst quarterbacks in terms of accruacy in the NFL. Career completion average of less than 55%. Averages 1.3 touchdown passes for every interception thrown.

(Stats accurate as of 2005)
Michael Vick is overrated and overpaid
by ic_stadium February 15, 2006
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