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Multiple males lining up to have sex with a pregnant female.
Man, me and my buddies were running Mexican Train on this pregnant gril and her water broke all over the place.
by bobososo January 27, 2008
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A term originated in Mexican prisons. A train consists of 7 to 10 men (usually of Mexican heritage) "having their way" on a weaker more vulnerable man. Damaged sphicter and colon are common results of a Mexican train.
Ramon and his group "Familia De Cinqo", have given a new degenerate prisoner named Randy the experience of a mexican train.
by red21dragon January 21, 2005
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A brutal prison sex game originating in Guadalajara, Mexico. The game is based on Dominoes however has to be played by naked men in a semi-aroused state.

The person that loses has to push at least one domino tile under their foreskin or "dock el domino".

Traditionally played by homosexual inmates in some of Mexico's toughest jails, in recent years the game has found it's way into some elitest circles across Europe.

Many European ski resorts have become a recruiting ground for 'Mexi Trainers' to learn the game and then take it back to their own country to play with unwitting friends.
Anyone fancy a game of Mexican Train? It's a brilliant game I learnt whilst on a ski vacation in the Alps.
by seeyouatchachas February 26, 2011
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Contrary to popular belief, this is not a card game, but rather a very slow lazy train that stops under every shade tree it can find for a nap.
My car should have been here weeks ago, but it was being carried on a mexican train.
by Sue_Ellen_Ewing August 19, 2012
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