is liquid that makes whoever drinks it vomit uncontrollably
that epsiode of family guy where they drank Ipecac was the bomb
by L337J4ZZDrummer September 13, 2005
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Ipecac is a fluid that makes you vomit uncontrollably
My friend Billt drank some Ipecac and started the throw up and couldnt stop. I was laughing so hard
by The_D September 19, 2005
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A record company, but not an evil one. Probably one of the most artist-friendly labels on the planet. Known primarily for having Mike Patton as part of it, his band Fantomas released their debut album as Ipecac's first release in 1999.
Ipecac bands include - Fantomas, Tomahawk, Isis, Kaada, etc.
by Bartender April 5, 2004
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A vomit inducing medicine that's mainly used for people who consume toxic chemicals or drugs.
Her baby was retarded and swallowed plumbing fluid, so the docter gave it ipecac to make it hurl.
by Fireblood September 2, 2005
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Performed in front of a large number of people between 2 or more people. Ipecac is ingested and the first to puke loses. A wager MUST be made beforehand.
John has lost over $10,000, his anal virginity, and the ability to see because of every ipecac challenge he lost.
by joe111111 July 27, 2006
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A penis or some part of the crotchal region
"Dude, we can all see your ipecac."
by Meals on Wheels March 5, 2006
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The act of a perpetrator taking a horrific bowel movement, leaving said bowel movement unflushed, and closing the lid, which allows it to ferment for an extended period of time. Later on, an unsuspecting victim, who walks into the bathroom to relieve his or herself, is already positioned closely over the toilet to lift the cover, and is nearly knocked over by the sight and smell of the atocity, causing them to rush back over the bowl for the immediately induced vomiting. The still unflushed bowl, now with vomit added to the stew, is even more potent than before, and the victim is forced to look at this mess again, and induces more vomiting, as they struggle to reach the flush mechanism to end the vicious cycle.
Guy 1: My stomach is still in knots from when I recieved some Las Vegas Ipecac when I got back late last night.

Guy 2: Whoa, I thought that was an urban legend. Wait, so who did it?

Guy 1: I...I can't figure it out. We were the only two people that slept here last night, and I left for the night after you.

Guy 2: You left with the think, maybe one of them?

Guy 1: No way, I ruled that out. You know how chicks are with shit, they would never leave any evidence they did the deed in someone else's throne room. Especially not this one last night...this was done with the intent to harm...with malice.
by CoachRiley August 10, 2009
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