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Mexa is a colloquial term used in Mexico to describe a Mexican belonging to the lower ranks of society or a Mexican with some of the stereotypical physical features associated with the indigenous groups of the country. They are more commonly referred to as "nacos".

Mexas can be easily found throughout Mexico as they make up most of the population and are usually the ones crossing into the United States in search of work.

A working-class mexa can often be seen taking public transport, wearing a football jersey or a t-shirt belonging to a political party. They are generally harmless, hard-working people who enjoy eating street food, drinking cheap beer and watching public television.

A mexa belonging to the "new middle-class" usually wears gaudy brands and drives a flashy car as they believe this gives them social status and differentiates them from the rest. Their source of income is always questionable...or they own some form of blue-collar business such as a car wash or detailing company. "Buchón" and "Narco" are also acceptable terms to use for this group of people.

Mexas are never accepted by the true middle and upper classes regardless of their socioeconomic status. They all seem to share a love for "cumbia" and "banda" music, breeding like rats, wearing a t-shirt to go swimming, adding an 'S' or a 'T' at the end of certain words, and being overweight.

The equivalent of "Mexa" would be "Trailer Trash" in the United States, "Chav" in the U.K. or "Bogan" in Australia.
True Middle-Class Mexican #1: "Let's go to Acapulco this weekend"
True Middle-Class Mexican #2" "Ew no, Acapulco is full of mexas! Let's go to Tulum, instead."
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by chloemx February 14, 2019
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Any place in Texas below a line from Houston to Midland.
My boss wants me to go to Mexas to meet with a client.

Really? How far is the drive to San Antonio?
by shakesnole November 20, 2009
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a state in America that used to be known as texas before it was taken over by the mexicans
did you know that mexas used to be called texas before all the wussy texans surrendered it to the mexicans?
by irvinesucks March 10, 2009
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