A device used by musicians to mark the beat of the rhyme by making a tick
I can keep a rhythm with no metronome
by Pleycal March 1, 2017
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The BEST FUCKING POKEMON MOVE EVER. Patented by the kickass pokemon by the name of Clefable. It makes a motion with its fingers. THEN RELEASES THE BEST MOVE EVER. It's soo much of a kickass move, that it does A RANDOM POKEMON MOVE. It can DO ANY MOVE from FLAMETHROWER to fucking growl. kickass.

My Clefable used Metronome and fucking roasted your ass with Hyperbeam, you got murdered!
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A musical instrument used for practicing instruments like Drums, Piano and other.
I want to use metronome for practice any instrument.
by acdows September 19, 2017
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The nickname of a girl who moans in perfect 4/4 time, along with the rhythmic movement of a guy's hips.
It wasn't an effort to do a beat, because with his thrust, came my moan. I was a perfect metronome.
by The Metronome October 9, 2010
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A midget that dwells in the subway
I heard there is a colony of metronomes living in the abandoned station at Court Street in Brooklyn Heights
by GloriousBrian January 10, 2011
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The act of using two dildos (one in each hand) to penetrate a girl orally and anally (vaginally if you please) in a systematic time frame , such as the ticking of a metronome.
Tim: Dude what did you do last night?

Chris: Not much , my balls kinda hurt so I just pulled a metronome on this chick. It was perfect , she didn't know what hit her.

Tim: Nice , I'll have to try that next time.
by therealhollywoodkid October 6, 2011
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