The term Mervin, Merv and Vin is used to describe someone who is funny, interesting, mysterious and dependable. It can also be used to describe a situation or effect by some kind of force that attracts a multiple girls around him "The Mervin or Merv effect". It can also be confused with Marvin, Merlin and Melvin.
That Mervin is being flocked again by the girls.

You're such a Mervin.

Nice one Merv!
by Mathew Del Monte January 22, 2010
a wedgie from both sides usually done by two cool people to nerds and geeks who wear tighty whities
that nerd ticked me off so my friend and I gave him a mervin
by person66666666666666666 March 16, 2006
A guy who is really nice and kind also is confused with Marvin,Melvin,Kevin Mervin is also a word to describe some one who is cool and someone who is being followed by girls.
Look at that guy over there he is so cool and he is being followed by girls he is a Mervin.
by kunka December 16, 2018
The scientific term for the movement made by men in order to create space in their trousers caused by excessive "baggage." Can be executed in a variety of ways and can be integrated into songs and dances, such as "Crank dat Mervin" and "Pop, Lock, and Mervin."
In a quick and sly move, Thomas pulled a Mervin in order to avoid letting his date know of his troubling space issues.
by DGil2014 November 22, 2010
A term used for getting drunk or under the influence of a substance.

Ex: "Man I was so mervined last night!"

/or it can be used in the sense of someone getting owned, beat really bad, or worked at something.

Ex: "That guy just got mervined so hard!"
Wow did I ever just get merved.

Mervin, am I ever mervined rite now
by RichardDaniels January 25, 2011
A stud. When girls that you don't even know are attracted to you in a swarm like effect, you are said to have the "Mervin affect."
Man, those chicks are all over that guy, he's got the Mervin working overtime.
by Ton Mon September 19, 2003
Similar to a wedgie, but of the balls.
"ah damn I got a mervin." *while picking underwear from crotch*
by Jellatin November 16, 2003